Let me introduce you our dear friends, international judges, those ones who were brave enough and accepted our invitation.

Thank you so much!

You are our superstars!!!

Sandra Deidda

Sandra will come to Prague from Italy and she will bring style and elegance to the agility ring. This is for sure! Plus she has a great sense for course designing and I promise to you that you will bring home a lot of inspiration for your training from her courses.

Sandra has a lot of judging experience and she was even judging the Agility World Championship in 2015!

Jan Egil Eide

Jan, another very-well known judge, will travel to Prague from far away from Norway. His courses will allow you to feel the Flow and almost fly. He will give you the possibility whether you accept it is up to you!

Jan will be judging the Agility World Championship in Moscow this year. Would you like to know what is the trend for 2022 in the agility world? Come and discover it on your own.

Jessi Marianne Landen

This lovely lady will travel to Prague from the country of thousand lakes and more or less the same amount of agility indoor halls. Finland, the country where agility is recognized as a sport and believe it or not there are more than 6000 registered licenses!!!

Jessi is known for her speedy fluent courses, great sense of humor, and smile on her face all day long, especially in the morning! :)

Jocke Tangfelt

Youngest from our judges’ team, well experienced and popular Jocke will come from far away from Sweden. Btw another country where agility is considered as a sport.

Are you able to send your dog and go? Do you trust in your training and you are not afraid to show it off during the competition? Well done! Then you will love Jocke´s courses and you will have a lot of fun while running them. 100%!

Sascha Grunder

Emotions, emotions, and again emotions! This is exactly what Sascha will bring to his courses. Sometimes you can almost feel that he is running the course with you, as another member of your team.

Sascha will come to Prague from Switzerland and he will among other skills, test your technical skills on the course. He is already many years in the business, traveling and judging far and wide and he was as well judging Agility World Championship 2015 together with Sandra.

Petra Vyplelová

Petra is one of the organizers of the Prague Agility Party! She is from the Czech Republic and has competed for many years around the World. Since last year, when she became an International judge, she is enjoying this journey, bringing joy to the courses and gaining experiences.

Petr Pupík

Petr as well as Petra will not travel to Prague from far away as he is from the Czech Republic. Petr and Petra are not family members, it's just a coincidence of names, country, and the hobby. :)

Petr was judging Agility World Championship 2017 and he is well-known for his super fluent and speedy lines and funny courses. Another possibility for you to almost fly through the course. Are you ready?

Vendula Hausnerová

That's me! Agility judge from Slovakia and another organizer of Prague Agility Party. Airy, speedy, and fluent courses! This is my thing! Courses which I love to run, courses which I love to judge!

I am exploring agility and gaining new experience all around the World. Like this I am connecting my three passions: Agility, Traveling, and meeting new interesting people.

Can´t wait to meet you all in Prague!!!

Lee Gibson

And last but not least from our judging team is this gentleman from Great Britain. The country from which the agility came from! The country with the highest number of registered agility licenses! The country where the agility judges are wearing suits while judging!

So once you will meet somebody wearing a suit during the Prague Agility Party, you will know that´s Lee! It is also said that he is a great Partyman. Will he party in a suit? Let´s be surprised!

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