Let me introduce you our dear friends, international judges, those ones who were brave enough and accepted our invitation.

Thank you so much!

You are our superstars!!!

Ana Beltrán Bustamante (ESP)

"Hi, my name is Ana Beltrán Bustamante and I have the honor to be part of the judge's team of Prague Agility Party 2023!  I'm judge from 2011 and I practice Agility for much longer  I had several competition's dogs: Sadda (the most loyal and nice mixed dog), Mestral (my beautiful poodle), Coraje (my dreamed and loved border collie), Karioka and Viento (my two border boys) and OVNI (the sheltie that make me dream and run in every course currently). As a judge I'm looking for the thrill in Agility, the essence of this wonderful sport: the symbiosis between dog and handler. I love fluent movements, the expression and expansion of the teams!  The course must be possible to judge and let the teams dream in each competition class, with of course a maximum safety. Thank you for sharing with me a part of the sacred relation that you have with your dogs. Enjoy all these amazing Agility days in Praga  Ana Beltrán Bustamante”

Belmiro Sousa (PT)

Hello, my name is Belmiro Sousa and I was born on the 5th of September of 1968. I have always been in love with dogs. I have had dogs since I was a child and in 2008 I discovered Agility. Since then, this is my life and my biggest passion. I practice and I'm an international judge. In 2014, almost by chance and for the suggestion of friends, I started to make some obstacles and since then I replaced my previous furniture making activity with Agility obstacles. At that point was born MiroAgility. For these 9 years, MiroAgility has invested in continually improving the design, safety and innovation of its equipment, inspired by the evolution of sport, the safety of dogs and the lightness and durability of materials. In recent years we have sponsored Agility events in Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. We are here... for dogs, for you... for Agility.pace to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.

Hugo Santos (PT)

"Hi everyone !

I just found out that one of the nicknames of Prague is the “The Heart of Europe”…. And on the 14-16/07/2023  Prague will for sure be a place to be ….if you do Agility  

My name is Hugo , and I am from the amazing Portugal, I am one the lucky judges that will have the pleasure to judge and most important create amazing courses for all the participants !

It’s a huge pleasure to be in PAP 2023 !!  

I promise ….I will make you all run and most important have fun !!

See you in Prague !!"

Juraj Ruža (SK)

"Dear agility friends,

I am so much looking forward to meet you in beautiful Prague this summer

Few words about me, I’ve discovered agility in 2008 and it was instant love  I have competed in all classes and represented Slovakia many times in the National Team. Currently we have in our home 8 dogs (5 Patterdale terriers, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd and Malinois)

In agility I am active not only as competitor, but you may know me also as organizer of competitions in RSDC, trainer, teamleader, breeder and for the past 5 years also as judge.

These different roles give me perfect opportunity to offer my view and perception of this amazing sport.

I hope we will have great time at Prague Agility Party "

Marko Mäkelä (FI)

I am Marko Mäkelä from Finland. I've been competing in agility since 1995, with various breeds - Shelties, Border Collies, Spanish Water Dogs etc. At the moment my full time job is teaching  and coaching agility with under my company Ykslysti. I do it besides Finland also in other countries.

I have now been a judge since the end of 2017. And I feel truly honoured being invited to judge already so many cool competitions both in Finland and internationally. I like to run challenging courses with speedy lines and hopefully with some possibilities to have variations both in dogs' lines and handling options. And of course, that's also my goal when I'm designing courses as a judge - to have a course with speed, a proper amount of challenge for the level of class, safe lines, options/variations for handling and dogs' lines.

I always enjoy seeing dogs and handlers having fun on the courses I judge and teach! It keeps me going on - the joy and fun of agility!

See you in Prague in July, can't wait!

Petra Vyplelová (CZ)

Dear agility friends!

My passion for agility started in 2003 with my westie Missy. Since that I was competing with 3 westies and 2 border collies of my own and several dogs of my friends or students. In 2018 I became an agility judge and 2021 I became also an international judge. I am gaining experiences on many competitions in Czech Republic and now also in abroad. I love to watch great runs and performance of every single agility team and I can´t wait to see lots of those runs in Prague  

See you there!

Sascha Grunder (CH)

First of all, I would like to wish all athletes and their dogs good luck and fun at Prague Agiity Party 2023. I am looking forward to a sportive and interesting weekend next July.

My goal as a judge is to design courses in such a way that both the athletes and their dogs are challenged. My courses should allow the dogs to show their precision and athleticism at a high pace. The courses should be made up of sequences that can be mastered in different ways and with different techniques so that the dog can go through the whole course smoothly, skillfully and at high speed.

In my judging career I have had the opportunity to judge in over 30 different countries. Highlights have been the FCI Agility World Championships, the FCI Junior European Open, the FMBB, the Americas & Carribbean Championships twice and 12 State Championships. I judged the Moravia and Norwegian Open three times each; the ISAC, Fionia Cup, Agilityuken and Gåsahoppet twice. I have also judged at the B.A.C.K., German Classics, Guld Agility, the PAP and many other competitions around the world. 2024 I’m going to judge the EO in England.

I also like to do the sport myself. I was several times member of the Swiss EO-Team. I was also allowed to represent Switzerland as an athlete and team leader at the FCI World Championship. With Orio I became Border Collie Swiss Champion. Now a new chapter in agility has begun with my two black devils Shuriken and Saphira. Louder than ever before!

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